Importance of Certification in Professional Fields and Job Searching

Online Certification is The Road to Your Future Qualification Certification Audit London UK iQCA
Online Certification is The Road to Your Future
August 12, 2017
Importance of Certification in Professional Fields and Job Searching iQCA International Qualification Certification Auditors London UK

Having been certified by a thought-industry program or school in the country will help land you a new job or boost your current one. To hiring employers, it’s the first paper they see as proof of your worth. Continuing education these days is deemed essential to let people know that you’re updated with today’s practices and principles. With the right certificate, you can stand out in the crowd. Cliché, but true. So, how this one works for you?

See the value in certificates

There’s a boom in the professional certification industry, and it’s not that hard to understand why. A need to improve in the world of healthcare, IT, or business management makes one take individual courses to get a certificate. These courses let people gain in-depth knowledge and skills to use at the workplace. Here are some reasons why one should delve in with certificates:

  • Job advancement
  • Learn comprehensive skills for new or current job
  • Enhances the job security and confidence of an individual
  • Salary promotion
  • Assures employers that employees can do the job right
  • Cost-efficient way to boost industry learning

That being the case, it really does give people a good impression of your total work package. It adds advantage and certain flair in your resume when you complete a certification course.

How to search for certifications that suits you

Where to start? If you want to climb that ladder, you need to observe the people who already made it. You can connect with these people and ask for advice on their best practices. For starters, here’s what you can do.

  • Check listings on the net or paper

If there’s a job you want, know the requirements before applying for the position. If they need a certification for the vacancy, then that’s when to look for programs or courses for it. Sometimes, the job posting tells people what certification they need so that people can acquire it.

  • Ask your professional groups about it

You might have an association for project managers, IT professionals, or accountants. Therefore, that’s your window for a certification. Socializing with people from your industry is one way to know what the industry you are in wants from people.

  • Have a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is where business people want to do business. If you seek assistance or leverage from your industry, LinkedIn is a great place to start asking around. Plus, there are companies that advertise their certification programs. If you enroll in the right one, it can help boost your job placement in the field you love the most.

  • Attend trainings or conferences

See that speaker over there? You can ask questions after the session about the situation or employment stature of the work industry. Some of these speakers are willing to help and network with you. Seriously. You just need to muster the strength to ask. They can talk about certification courses and how to land one. Additionally, if they are that kind enough, they may hand you a card or info about programs and trainings on how to advance in the workplace.

  • Ask your work if they have employee trainings and courses

Sometimes, the workplace is where you can find the right courses. Ask your current employer for programs that might bring you to different places in the country or anywhere in the world for seminars and certification courses. Does your company have partnerships with other organizations? Maybe your coworker has a friend, who has a friend, who has a friend, and who has a friend that can help you with programs and courses.

Know the distinct ‘certifications’ you might need

Apparently, if you want to get a certification, you must know what it is. There’s a fine line between certificate and certification, or associate and professional certification.

Certificate vs. certification

The former is what you have when you attend a training or talk, but it does not give you a credited certification. Meanwhile, the latter is something you want to advance in your field of work. Though there are tons of groups and organizations that offer ‘certification courses,’ you need to know whether they are accredited to give them.

Associate vs. professional certification

Associate certification has been provided by a body of excellence whereas it attests to the skills and knowledge of the individual but not totally acknowledge it, unlike professional certifications. Associates are more like a starter or a review to professionalism. Persons under the associate program come to work under the guidance of industry practitioners.

Some of the recognized certification in various fields

Being a professional IT person seems to be a rage nowadays. Since you’ll be handling different information systems, it’s no wonder you need to upgrade your skills.

The medical field is one industry that is always evolving because of technology. Medical practitioners should always be on their toes for certifications.

In the field of IT, completing a certified professional certification either on Microsoft, Java, CISCO, or any programming can give one person the leverage they need. In today’s industry, an individual who has certification in IT can earn as much between $16,000 and $20,000.

A Certified Public Accountant can earn as much $1M more than their non-certified friends. For auditors, taking the Certified Internal Auditor certification can place them in a much higher designated position in auditing.

Meanwhile, even English teachers both online and site advisers need to pass IELTS or TEFL to be sure of their skills. These tests are recognized by the Department of Education in almost any country.


Obtaining certification has been a highly debated topic online for many years. But no one can deny the fact that it can boost your job position and allows you to explore new fields of expertise. If you’re planning to attend a course or two, it’s better to do your research and how it can benefit you on the long run.

Delve into the organization or association whether they offer accredited certification and how long for that industry leverage you’re after. Overall, certification is something you must have to go the extra mile.

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