Online Certification is The Road to Your Future

Importance of Certification in Professional Fields and Job Searching iQCA International Qualification Certification Auditors London UK
Importance of Certification in Professional Fields and Job Searching
July 12, 2017
Online Certification is The Road to Your Future Qualification Certification Audit London UK iQCA

Nowadays, companies are looking for highly skilled applicants. Some companies are even requiring their current employees to possess multiple skill sets. Professionals are in dire need to upgrade their competencies not only to keep up with the companies’ demands but also to ensure their future. Unfortunately, going back to college is not an advantageous solution especially among working professionals.

The most sought after alternative to up skilling, especially amongst working professionals, is to take an online certification course. Our online certification courses have been the secret weapon among individuals who wished to boost their applications success, get promotion, or find a more rewarding career.

Why should you prefer our online certification courses over traditional college courses? One of the many reasons that professionals are taking online courses is time flexibility. Online certification courses lets you manage your lessons whenever you want to, wherever you are. You won’t have to worry about being late to classes or getting stuck in traffic on the way to school. True, assignment submissions and examinations follow a strict deadline but overall, the whole study time is dependent upon you. You could choose to study early in the morning or late at night. And since there is no physical classroom, you won’t be able to miss out on important family gatherings or leave work early.

Learning while working is a great way of showing your employer how serious you are on improving yourself. Another advantage is the diversity of courses offered. You can learn a lot of various skills simultaneously. There is no limit as to what you can learn with online certification courses.

Online certification courses also costs less than the traditional learning courses. Although this is not applicable to all, just the expenses that you will use to go to school that will be saved is enough to say that online certification courses are way less costly. Also, learning materials required are almost always free. Other related course materials are always available online so you won’t need to scrounge the library. Online certification courses are said to be more interactive than traditional classrooms according to shy individuals. There is also less distraction so students can concentrate and learn better. Professionals may also be able to improve their technical skills through online certification sources. The simple act of participating in online classes is a skill in itself. As you will have to create and share documents, include audio or video materials in your assignments or presentations and complete training sessions online.

Are you still not convinced? Then listen to this. A study called “Career Impact Survey 2016” is conducted on at least 10,000 working professionals to determine the results of up skilling among the industry. The study found out that at least 79% of professionals with completed certification confirmed immediate results after certification completion. Certified professionals are almost twice more likely to receive an increase in salary than their non-certified coworker. The study also notes that 6 out of 10 certified professionals receive salary raises as early as 6 months after certification completion. This means that only 4 out of 10 non-certified employees receive pay raises.

Work promotion chances are also affected by certifications. More than half of certified professionals received their promotions within six months after getting their certifications while less than 20% of non-certified employees are promoted. This promotion gap continues to widen according to studies.

The study also found out that, recruiters tend to shortlist applicants with professional certification credits on their resumes. Employers also prefer professionally certified applicants rather than non-certified applicants. The research points out that 80% of professionally certified employees saw a qualitative improvement in their work.

Work confidence is almost three times higher among certified professionals than their non-certified work peers. Certified professionals are noted to be more driven and have a stronger work profile. About 65% of certified professionals feels more satisfied and fulfilled with their job. For non-certified individuals, only 38% of them reported satisfaction and fulfillment at work.

Furthermore, certified professional’s reports to having more rewarding projects and assignments. This shows that certified professionals are better trusted by their employers and regarded as a company asset. Certified professionals also tend to view their work environment as being more companionable, more efficient and more productive. 7 out of 10 certified professionals see their work environment as healthy and conducive while only 5 out of 10 non-certified professionals say the same.

All in all, these are the benefits of having a professional certification in one’s career. It is good to note that 79% of professionals who undertook and finished an online certification course experienced a good outcome within months after certification. Certain certification courses are also very in demand among emerging fields. Any professional who wishes to have a career among emerging industries can do so by enrolling in online certification courses. Career growth and work enjoyment is achievable by any professional with the help of certification.

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